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Monday, December 06, 2004
Wartime Blogging
by Bonjo
I recently came across an interesting blog titled, "Life in this Girl's Army". It's written by Sgt. Lizzie who is currently serving in Iraq.

Her posts last week were about her excitement at coming home. They were packing up gear, cleaning equipment, and were about 2 weeks out from moving to Kuwait. On Saturday, she was in a transport convoy when her truck was hit with an IED. The soldier driving the truck was killed (Godspeed, my friend).

Read about it for yourself. This kid is remarkably resilient and has a positive, upbeat attitude and humorous view on life and her mission in Iraq that you won't read in the main stream media.

To give you an idea of her level of commitment to her duties, her post from today is titled, "GOING BACK!!! YAY". Yes, she was inches away from death two days ago, and this is what she had to say today:

"I have my flight out tomorrow morning at 0715 to fly me directly back to Camp Victory where my chain of command can pick me up:) So that means one more night of sleeping in the ward for me. Not too bad, though I have slept on more comfortable beds hehe."
Lizzie, God bless, and good hunting.
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