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Friday, January 14, 2005
Boneheads - Foreign and Domestic
by Cordeiro
We'll start today's bonehead list on the domestic side with Michael Newdow, Part II.

For those of you who have forgotten Mr. Newdow, he is the guy who spearheaded the effort to have the words "Under God" removed from the Pledge of Allegiance via Judicial Fiat. He managed to get the 9th Circus Court of Appeals to agree with him only to be personally slapped down by the Supremes.

I'm not much on reading Supreme Court rulings, but although the justices went out of their way to skirt the issue Newdow raised, they made a point to personally rebuke him as one lacking stature to bring the case in the first place. So, Mike, if you really want to know what that means, let me summarize - You Don't Rate!

Evidently, Mr. Newdow didn't understand the Supreme Slap and has therefore come back on two fronts. The first is a lawsuit to remove the Bible, the prayers, and the words "So Help Me God" from W's inauguration next Thursday (ruling due out today, and preliminary indications don't bode well for Newdow). The second is a repeat Pledge lawsuit, this time including other "offended" atheists in his quest.

Memo to Mr. Newdow: There is no guaranteed "Freedom From Offense" in the Constitution. If there was, I'd be the first one to sue you.

Second, and as much as I like the Brits I can't let this one slide. Prince Harry. What kind of idiot pulls this kind of stunt? My guess, and it is only that, is Harry's understanding of History is severely lacking. Good luck on living this one down Harry.
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Once again, the "crown" demonstrates its irrelevancy (and detachment from the world). When people stop paying attention to those spoiled rich brats who do little if anything to obtain what they have (the "royal welfare program," if you will), perhaps they'll start to recognize the realities of the world in which they live. 

Posted by Bonjo
Well said Bonjo - although I do not practice any religion (I don't deny a higher authority/power), this Newdow needs to be stopped stopped stopped. I'm glad the court slapped him down, but evidently not hard enough. Wonder who's funding his challenges? I haven't yet been able to find out that information.

As for Prince Harry - what can you excpet from a child raised by a man that cheated on his wife, openly? He learned his morals from his father.

PS First time visiter - great site. 

Posted by Jo
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