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Thursday, January 20, 2005
Inauguration Day Revelations
by Bonjo
Here in Washington, all government workers were given the day off. Since I actually work for a living, I'm busily engaged in my unabashed capitalism.

However, there is some interesting news surfacing regarding the election, and since today's inaugural events are a direct result of the election, we'll share the good news here.

Newsflash: Votes more accurate than exit polls
Ever since the election last November, the liberal kooks in this country have been harping on a few, worn out, tired theories of how John Kerry actually beat Bush. To their dismay, Election 2004 did not turn out to be Florida 2000.

They have repeatedly pointed to the exit polling data, and have said that the exit polling was more accurate than the actual voting returns. Since exit polling is sponsored by main stream media outlets, we all know that there's no chance on earth that the data was skewed to show Kerry with a lead! Why, our unbiased, non-partisan media would never stand for such a thing.

For the rest of us, that is, those of us with functioning brain matter, it was clear that the exit polling data was severely flawed. It now seems that the exit polling companies have found flaws in their data sampling methods.

Yawn. I'm glad that after three months, they have finally come to the same conclusion that the rest of us recognized on election night.

Newsflash: MSM waking up to reality of voter fraud... in BLUE STATES
Captain Ed of Captain's Quarters has been all over the voting irregularities in Wisconsin. His meticulous dissection of media reports was even noticed by the Washington Times. Kerry won the state by 11,000 votes. There are approximately 10,000 votes that are questionable. Captain Ed also points out that in Milwaukee County there were 83,000 same-day registrations this year (i.e., people who register to vote, then vote on the same day). "Which is more than 20 percent of all voting-age residents in the county."

As Captain Ed summarizes:

"If one wanted to demonstrate a case for liberal media bias, all that would be necessary would be to count the mainstream media resources committed to reporting Ohio election issues the past ten weeks against those in Wisconsin. That makes the case Rather-clear."
I now return to my (Inauguration Day) capitalist endeavors.
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