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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
To the Pain!
by Cordeiro
Senate Democrats yesterday took to the floor for nine hours to take pot shots at Condolezza Rice - a woman they will soon reluctantly call Madam Secretary. Since she's single, will they have to call here Mademoiselle Secretary? So much for my command of French. But I digress.

Its a foregone conclusion Condi will be confirmed by the Senate as a whole. This should have happened on Inauguration Day. Why did it not? Well, here's my take on the reason: Boxer, Kennedy and Company like having a stage where the target can't fight back. Condi took exception to Babs Boxer's unfounded accusations during her confirmation hearings - so much so that she made short work of Boxer and left her looking like a fool for all America to see.

Fearful of further embarrassing confrontations with a highly superior advesary, Ted "Dude Where's My Scotch" Kennedy and Babs Boxer (properly fortified with hard liquor) spent the afternoon attempting to tear down the character of Condi Rice. While that may have been their purpose and ultimate goal, all they succeeded in doing was solidify their status as obstructionist, racist bigots.

Forget the shovel, Boxer and Company have cleared the path for the Steam Shovel to expedite their grave digging.

More power to ya, Babs.
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