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Friday, February 25, 2005
Calling the Bluff
by Cordeiro
Hugh Hewitt poses an interesting question as the subject for his Vox Blogoli 2.2. Does the GOP controlled Senate call Dusty Harry's bluff regarding the confirmation of Judicial Nominees?

I've been watching this issue for awhile. Now while the possibility exists that I may be wrong, I've never seen Dusty Harry, or Tiny Tommy before him, actually engage in a filibuster. I mean a real filibuster. I'm talking Strom Thurmond on a 24 hour rant kind of filibuster. To the best of my knowledge, the Senate Dems simply threaten to filibuster the vote, the Republicans quiver in fear, and the nomination dies.

I for one, and I'm not alone, have had quite enough of this school yard taunting.

The face of the Democratic Senate is not exactly the most telegenic crowd. Dusty Harry, Ted "Dude, Where's My Scotch" Kennedy, Hillary "We Are The President" Clinton, Babs Boxer and the rest of the Motley Crew need to be called to account for their behavior. They need to be shown for what they are - bigoted obstructionists. If obstruction is what they want, let them really try. Let the nation see the true nature of their extra-constitutional activities.

And, in the end, if the "Nuclear" Option needs to be exercised, make it so. On the issue of Presidential Nominees, the Constitution is very clear on the requirement of a "Simple Majority". For those mathematically challenged readers, that would be 51% of the senators present at the time. Constitutional language means something. Senate "rules" no matter how old or traditional they may be, are trumped by the Constitution. There's a reason its called the Highest Law of the Land.

So, to quote a worn out phrase, Bring It On. I'm reminded of a scene from Rocky III in which Clubber Lane (played by Mr. T) taunts Rocky with the phrase "Gonna bust you up!" to which Rocky replies "Go for it."

Dusty Harry is no Clubber Lane.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Keeping with the Rocky theme. I just hope after it is all said and done that we Republicans arent saying "CUT ME MICK!!!". I dont believe we will


Posted by Lance
Athlotus enjoys reading Republican analysis of mighty Human, Rocky. The Resistance stands by and salutes you. 

Posted by Athlotus
Grant, by all means, conservatives. You should, however, be careful what you wish for.

Why is representative government called "obstructionist" by conservatives? And why can't Bush nominate a liberal to the judiciary. If the Shiites can put Sunnis in their government Bush can darn well put a liberal or two on the bench.

I'm emailing and calling my Democratic senator to remind him that he has a moral obligation to represent me and if the Republicans go nuclear I want him to help shut the senate down.

So, what will the American people see if the Democrats shut down the senate? Will they see the obstructionists that the conservatives see, or will they see democracy with a viable opposition that Bush told Putin he wants to see in Russia?

Will the American public see that Bush is for democracy everywhere except America? Could be. 

Posted by ProudLiberal

The American people have seen fit to elect a Republican   President, and a majority Republican Senate. Why, pray tell, are you suprised when said president sends up like minded judicial nominees - as he said he would in the campaign?

If the American People wanted more liberals on the federal bench, they would've sent Lurch to do the nominating. Yes, there should be a viable opposition party. It is not W's responsibility to ensure the survivial of the Democratic part as that opposition.

For the record, sir, America is not a pure democracy. It is a Represenative Republic. If Dusty Harry shuts down the Senate, and I hope he does, you'll find out just how tired America is of minority tyranny in government. 

Posted by cordeiro
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