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Saturday, February 19, 2005
CPAC 2005: The Libertarians
by Bonjo
Another exhibit I found amusing (besides the ACLU, with their flyer, "The ACLU is a conservative organization) was that of the Libertarian Party. I strolled by, stopped to look at their display, when a couple of the LP staffers asked if I had any questions.

One question came to mind, and I couldn't believe I actually voiced it: "Is it just me, or do all Libertarians I ever talk to only want to legalize drugs?"

This drew a hearty laugh and we actually had an interesting discussion on various LP views and agendas. As with any party, the LP has members across the political spectrum, some who think there should be no taxes or laws whatsoever, to those who have more "moderate" views, like having some taxes for necessary infrastructure and defense. Thank heavens for the moderates!

The LP booth babe that helped me was Jessica, who took time to explain the current state of the party and offices held by LP members across the country. Admittedly, I still think they're "out there," but now I know that the main platform of the party isn't legalizing drugs. A flyer I picked up at the booth describes the LP's push to end the "welfare state" of America--a goal with which I entirely agree.
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