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Sunday, February 27, 2005
Lightning Strikes Again
by Cordeiro
I was going to leave this in the comments, but I decided to post it here as well. To see the ongoing "conversation" please see this post.

Careful, there, Ms. Lightning, your word by word (blow by blow) dissections of my work may add to my growing messiah complex.

You went to great lengths to attempt to discredit my claims of fraud as it relates to "Professor" Churchill. While I am impressed with the lengths to which you will go to prove a point, I'm still not going to concede said point.

I don't care whether or not CU is investigating "Professor" Churchill's "ethnicity" claims or not. The fact is, he deliberately misled CU on his application/resume. I take it from the fact that you mentioned this in your comment that you stipulate to this fact. Thank you, counselor.

Do misrepresentations matter in the academic or professional worlds? Ask George O'Leary - he lasted about a week as the Notre Dame Head Football Coach before it was found that his resume didn't add up. Yes, I will grant you that was a sports job. Should not college professors be held to the same standards as football coaches?

The bottom line, Ms. Lightning, is there is some fine print at the bottom of most, if not all, job applications. It clearly states that any misrepresentation on the form can and may well result in the applicant not being hired, or being dismissed from said position if hired. I'm fairly certain that legalese was on Churchill's application form.

To be bluntly obtuse - what I'm trying to say is that there are plenty of reasons to fire "Professor" Churchill. He opened up this closet when he started taking cheap shots at terror victims. These are his skeletons, he'll have to deal with them.

Now, Ms. Lightning took several personal shots at me. That's ok. I'm a big guy and I can take my licks - unlike most lefties I'm familiar with who immediately start crying foul the moment someone takes a shot at them.

Ms. Lighting's comments will always be welcome here. We (there are three of us by the way - Bonjo gets upset when you mistake his posts for mine) don't censor, spike, or otherwise edit or delete comments. There are exceptions to this policy, namely those comments which are profane, abusive, or an obvious ad for some site that has nothing to do with the original post, are subject to deletion or similar fates.

A few closing comments:

1. On the definition of "fraud". I simply stated I had no idea where you got yours. Thank you for providing the complete quote. Even in that legalese definition, I believe "anything calculated to deceive, whether it be a single act or combination of circumstances, whether the suppression of truth or the suggestion of what is false, whether it be by direct falsehood or innuendo, by speech or by silence, by word of mouth, or by look or gesture." fits "Professor" Churchill nicely.

By the way, if you're including me in the same breath with people like W, Condi, Rummy and company - thanx for the compliment.

2. Its good to know that we here at the Sons of the Republic may be infamous. We have no idea who the Sons of Liberty are.

3. Your work is very good - well thought out and very articulate - not to mention humorous as hell. Take ten minutes and start your own blog. For the record, http://lightningempiricist.blogspot.com is available.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some "silverback-style" chest-beating to do.

Here endeth the lesson.
2 Comment(s):
Why is anyone paying any attention to the inane drivel spewed out by Ward Churchill? Publicity for someone like that just feeds the misunderstood martyr complex or, more possibly, simply provides a means to make money through speeches, articles, "paintings", what have you, although such an impure motive would never be admitted by the man himself. He's a crackpot with nothing original or interesting to contribute and the only people who should really care are all those members of the "investor class" who allow their children to attend the University of Colorado and take "ethnic studies" whatever that is. Must be today's equivalent of rocks for jocks (i.e., football players majoring in geology and I have probably really dated myself now). 

Posted by saije

Nice to find you in what seems like a more jovial mood today, big guy!

Cordeiro: 'The bottom line, Ms. Lightning, is there is some fine print at the bottom of most, if not all, job applications. It clearly states that any misrepresentation on the form can and may well result in the applicant not being hired, or being dismissed from said position if hired. I'm fairly certian that legalese was on Churchill's application form.'

LE: What direct knowledge, other than mere speculation, makes you certain that Churchill's application stated that? 1980 was a long time ago, and (in particular) public employment (as well as private sector) application forms were, in general, less paranoid and carefully crafted back then. And if it in fact did, why does CU at Boulder (as well as The Daily Camera, having a photocopy of said application form) appear to be so uniterested in such an alleged "fact"? Are they all in "cahoots", *all* "pussyfooting liberals"?

Cordeiro: 'To be bluntly obtuse -'.
LE: "Obtuse" means "slow-witted" (Mirriam-Webster Dictionary). Did you *really* mean say "to be bluntly slow-witted" ... :)

Cordeiro: 'Bonjo gets upset when you mistake his posts for mine'
LE: My apology to you for the error of false attribution. Also, the "Sons of the Liberty" typo as opposed to the properly stated "Sons of the Republic" (don't know *what* I was thinking with "liberty" bit ... :) 

Posted by The Lightning Empiricist
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