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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
The Porous Southwestern Border
by Bonjo
Over the weekend, I had a chance to sit down to dinner with a former special agent in the U.S. Border Patrol. A few years ago he moved to another agency -- one that actually receives funding from Congress. I asked him a few questions regarding reports I've read recently in the media, and he confirmed all of them.

Today I read this story from the Associated Press. This all lines up with what I heard over dinner last weekend. Well, except the part where the War on Terror is blamed for our inability to defend our borders--this has been a problem since the Louisiana Purchase.

Guess what happens to those who are caught crossing our borders illegally?

Go on, guess.

They are handed a little slip of paper indicating a court date. And then they are told to be in court that day, and off they go. Bye bye, enjoy our tax funded, socialist welfare system!

The disturbing trend with this problem is that more and more non-Mexican immigrants are crossing our borders. Sure, some are from Central and South America. But many are from Asia, China, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Syria.

Surely we're doing something with those guys, right? Yes, we are. We're handing them a little slip of paper indicating a court date... 20 months in the future.

Let's see, 20 months. How long did it take our 9/11 pals to learn to fly 757's? How long would it take to assemble a car bomb? Or to lay the groundwork to import some nuke materials? Or to plan an assassination?

Well, the court date can only be a few weeks, right? Try 19 or 20 months. And we can't incarcerate these people, since our jails are over-crowded. So we release them without bail on their own recognizance, never to be seen again (do we really expect law breaking border hoppers to show up in court?).

Who needs prisons--how about we use some of that BLM land for good? Pave a few dozen acres, and have the illegals sit quietly on the ground until their court date. If you play nice, you get a nice suntan and three hot meals a day. If you move or try to run away, we shoot you. Again, who needs prisons with walls?

The Border Patrol agent I spoke with told me the problem could be fixed, but never will. He said it would result in an all out war. Perhaps that is the case, but what the Governmental powers-that-be need to realize is, we are already at war.

I now return to my capitalist endeavors.
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