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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Rathergate Conspiracy Exposed
by Cordeiro
Tim Blair has stumbled upon a transcript of the conspiracy leading up to the downfall of Dan "Stark Raving Naked" Rather.

Present at the meeting were Karl Rove, Clarence Thomas, Rupert Murdoch, Ann Coulter and others. Read the whole thing for the full effect.

Hat tip to Hugh - who is no doubt still experiencing heart palpitations directly resulting from having his name mentioned within one paragraph of Ann Coulter.
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Had to be. No way the fact theat Dan started work on the TANG smear in 1998 and Viacom spent $xx,xxx,xxx on the "reaesrch over 6 years had anything to do with Rthergate and the attempt to smear America. 

Posted by Rod Stanton
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