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Thursday, February 03, 2005
The State of our Excellent Union
by Bonjo

Much is being said of the above-pictured moment during Bush's speech when Mrs. Norwood hugged Safia Taleb al-Souhail. A "Style" reporter in the Washington Post had the nerve to call it "staged" in order to win the "war on perception."

He's not alone in his bitterness. Others in the liberal left are criticizing the moment, since they realize that they've been on the wrong side of the Iraq argument for so long, they can do nothing but dig in their heels and sink with the ship.

What we saw last night with the Norwoods was real. Those feelings were real. Even if it was "staged"—-in politics, most things are--it was real.

It was a testimony of the American way: sacrifice for others. Nothing expected in return. Duty and service, preservation of freedom, and no thanks needed.

Compare this, if you will, to Bill Clinton. In the weeks following the Lewinsky sex scandal, we, the American public, were subjected to various photo-ops of Clinton going to church. Clinton went to church, holding a Bible, holding hands with his wife, and the footage was all over the news.

I don’t remember anyone in the media calling that "staged". It was staged, and I have no reason to believe it was real.

Whereas last night we witnessed a testimony of the American way and preservation of freedom, Clinton's display was a testimony of his own attempts at self preservation.

The same people who are saying the Norwoods were "staged" are the same people who criticize Bush for his religion. According to these same people, however, Clinton’s religion wasn’t staged. And we all know that it certainly wasn’t criticized.

I say let the bitter, powerless liberals criticize. For the rest of us, we can know that we've done something profound. If there were ever a doubt in America's mind about the war in Iraq, last night's display is proof positive that our sacrifice was needed, is appreciated, and will not be forgotten.

With that I return to my capitalist endeavors.
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