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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Virginia Legislates the Asinine
by Bonjo
(I thought about putting two s's in the title, but then readers would think I just didn't know how to spell)

Joining California in legislating the absurd, the Virginia state congress has voted to make it illegal to have underwear hanging out of the back of your pants.

Violation? A $50 fine. Watch out plumbers!

Don't get me wrong, I fully support the end goal of this legislation, I just think it's absolutely ridiculous for the government to get involved in this. Why don't we just require--by law--that women wear burkas? And men should have beards! Regulate away, Virginia!

I have one question for the Virginia state legislature: Ever hear of parents? Oh, that's right, parents aren't an important factor for liberals. After all, if a girl can get an abortion without her parents' consent, why should a boy need to listen to his parents rules about flashing his underwear? What we need here is government regulation!

As my children are still young, I can only speak upon the experiences I've had in my own home growing up, and in the homes I've visited throughout my life. In my observations, no government regulation has been needed to prevent droopy drawers, or bare midriff clothing, or any other sleazy/slutty/sloppy derivative.

Kids with parents don't need the state government to tell them how to dress, believe me. They live under a government of their own, one much more qualified to regulate and supervise: parental law. Virginia, however, would have parents rest easy, knowing that the government is doing what the parents themselves should be doing.

Perhaps this is what Hillary meant by, "It takes a village."
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I fully support this legislation as long as one ammendment requiring a "physical suitability" test administered prior to any woman being issued a licence to wear a bikini - and just to be politicallly correct, the same test would be required for men prior to being issued a Speedo. 

Posted by cordeiro

The Virginia state senate voted this down. While I don't agree with the reasoning of some ("It would result in discrimination of black youth."), at least some people wisened up. 

Posted by Bonjo
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