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Friday, March 04, 2005
Dems Aghast: Political Smearing at the Boston Globe
by Bonjo
From the Boston Herald:

Democrats heaped criticism on The Boston Globe yesterday for failing to more aggressively punish technology reporter Hiawatha Bray, who criticized Sen. John F. Kerry's campaign in Internet postings as he covered the race.
First of all, Bray wasn't alone in criticizing the campaign. Anyone with a pulse could see that the wobbling, shifting, poll-pandering campaign was doomed to failure from the outset. That a reporter covering the race kept a blog detailing the pathetic campaign is, quite frankly, hilarious.

Former Georgia Sen. Max Cleland, a close Kerry friend, said in a written statement, "As someone who has seen what the right wing can do to destroy people and how the media can be complicit, I just can't get over the fact a reporter at a major newspaper was smearing John Kerry and he isn't even held accountable. Why does he have a job?"
Good question, Senator. We've wondered the same thing about Dan Rather for the last 35 years. Look up "complicity" in the dictionary, you'll see Rather's picture.

But poor John Kerry, smeared by an unknown reporter from the Boston Globe. If only the Democrats had a friendly media outlet sympathetic to their cause! Because they only have the New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, The L.A. Times, the... really, this could take all day...

So the Dems know what it feels like to have their boy smeared. Welcome to our life, lads.
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Well, this is why Kerry lost you know, the media was so against him. It was obvious that the MSM favored Bush by all the flattery and positive treatment they gave him, especially over Iraq.  

Posted by Saije
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