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Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Dusty Harry, stop the whining!
by Cordeiro
Its unbecoming of a member of the US Senate to whine so loudly, and so often. But don't try telling that to Dusty Harry, Senate Minority Leader. He's whining so loudly he probably can't hear you.

So worried is he about the prospect of losing control over the judicial confirmation process, he's now threatened to shut down Senate procedures if he doesn't get his way. He wisely exempted matters related to the military, national security, and "continuation of critical government services" from his shutdown threat.

Oh, dear. I'm shaking in my Rockports. Dusty Harry is going to delay the Senate's declaration of National Fertilizer Awareness Month.

Bring it on, Harry. Go ahead, shut down the Senate. Stand out there and filibuster your brains out. Dazzle us by reading the Searchlight, Nevada phone book. That should keep our attention for about eight minutes.

Americans don't like obstructionism, Harry. Tiny Tommy Daschle found that out the hard way. Looks like you've learned nothing from his downfall.

Excuse me while I go an get some heavily buttered popcorn. This is going to be a great show!

Here endeth the lesson.
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