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Thursday, March 10, 2005
Hillary Gets the Flush
by Bonjo
All over the headlines today, we see things like:

Clinton assails "epidemic" of media sex and violence

TV Critic Hillary a GOP Ally

Clinton Seeks Ratings on Children's Media

The above articles all detail Hillary Rodham Rodham's appearance at the Kaiser Family Foundation yesterday. There, Senator Travelgate announced her opposition to sex and violence in children's video games and other entertainment.

Clinton warned that some children are watching over six hours a day of electronic media - primarily TV and the Internet, but also DVDs, video games and movies.

"They're playing a game that encourages them to have sex with prostitutes and then murder them," Clinton complained.
(How about video games where state governors have sex with women, lie about it, cover up this and other illicit activities, then run for president? Are there any video games like that?)

Such comments from Hillary have prompted The New York Times to remark, "She has recently struck moderate themes, imbuing her speeches with references to faith and prayer and placing far less emphasis on polarizing issues like gay marriage and abortion."

Moderate themes. Less polarizing issues. Faith and prayer. We have no idea why she's doing something like that, do we?

A Great Flushing Sound
Now, the rest of the story (with apologies to Paul Harvey).

The real story about Clinton's appearance at the Kaiser Foundation isn't in what she said. It's in what happened before she took the stage. I've had to look all over for this, and found it, of all places, buried in the Washington Post. Senator Rodham Rodham was being introduced by Drew Altman, Kaiser foundation CEO. Suddenly, over the loudspeaker system, "the unmistakable sound of a toilet flushing could be heard."

How fortuitous that this premonition of her presidential aspirations occurred right before she attempted to "moderate" herself!

Of all people, the culprit was "Jeff Greenfield of CNN, who used the facilities while wearing his remote microphone."

Clinton should get used to the "great flushing sound." She will hear it again and again as she watches her presidential bid go down the drain, especially when red-state Americans collectively roll their eyes at her laughable attempts at "moderation".
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