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Friday, March 18, 2005
Jail Animal Abusers, Reward Invalid Abusers
by Bonjo
What constitutes abuse? Would liberal tree huggers quietly stand by if a man chained up a dog and refused to give the dog food or water? If the dog died from such treatment, the owner would, rightly so, be subject to legal action.

If a person commits animal abuse, they can be arrested, fined and even jailed.

What about al Qaeda detainees? Heaven forbid! The people who are determined to kill as many Americans as possible must be given three square meals a day, and must have nice, soft fluffy pillows! We can't even blare music in their rooms, nor have government investigator babes rub their bosoms on the detainees! If any government agency mistreats a sworn enemy to the United States, the officials of that agency will be tarred and feathered on the national stage by liberal politicians and the media.

Consider the recent Supreme Court ruling prohibiting the death penalty for minors. According to the court, it doesn't matter what a minor does, s/he can't do anything worthy of death.

Now enter Terri Schiavo.

A sentient being who has harmed no one. Someone who can communicate with her loved ones, someone who can smile:

"Her parents ... [say] that their daughter has laughed, cried, smiled and responded to their voices."
Amidst public outcry and support from loving parents who want to care for the daughter to whom they gave life, liberal activist judges have sentenced her to death.

And thus today her feeding tube was removed, at the request of her "husband"--the "loving man" who has already fathered a family with another woman. Terri, dependent for care upon the society in which she lives, will now slowly die over two weeks while her parents watch.

No government would stand by and watch someone torture a dog in this manner. We make sure terrorist thugs have access to adequate workout facilities. John Lee Malvo, who helped murder a dozen people in the DC sniper shootings will not get the death penalty, but will instead live out his life having three tax-payer funded meals a day.

But Terri Schiavo? She must die. She's an inconvenience to her husband. She can't walk or talk, so she's not perfect. According to liberals, if you are imperfect or an inconvenience, you deserve to die. A society that supports such moral apathy will suffer the same fate.

Behold will they not testify that ye are murderers, yea, and also that ye are guilty of all manner of wickedness? - Alma 5:23

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