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Friday, March 18, 2005
Life, Death, and Legalized Starvation
by Cordeiro
Just how far will one man go to be rid of his wife?

Barring divine, judicial, or legislative intervention, Terri Schiavo is about to find that out.

I feel for David Schiavo, I really do. I don't know what it would be like to see the fetching Mrs. Cordeiro in the state in which Terri lives right now. I know it would be hard, quite possibly unbearable, to see my beloved wife and not be able to communicate with her or understand her needs, wants, and desires.

That said, I can say with absolute certainty I would not use forced starvation as a way of getting rid of her burden. For better or worse means exactly what it says. Sometimes you have to deal with the worst.

I know all the justifications behind the push to pull (as of this hour the tube has been pulled) the feeding and hydration tubes that have kept Terri alive up to this point.

I also know something else. I know what its like to damn near die from dehydration. I won't go into the gory (and believe me they are gory) details about the pain and agony it causes. With due respect to Dr. Sean Morrison, the coma is not peaceful and passing away is never gentle.

People would not permit a sick dog or cat to be euthanized in this manner. PeTA would storm the hospital and liberate the animal in question. Florida Pinellas Circuit Court Chief Judge David Demers doesn't see it that way.

How he sleeps at night I have no idea.

Someone please stop this complete and utter insanity.
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