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Monday, March 14, 2005
Senator "Up" Chuck Schumer, call your office
by Cordeiro
Recently, Senator "Up" Chuck Schumer, the Junior Senator* from New York called upon the W Administration to release crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in order to combat high gasoline prices.

For those of you who have no idea what the SPR is, here is a brief summary

The SPR was designed to sustain the national economy's need for oil for anywhere from 30-60 days in the event of a disruption to the supply of oil from foreign sources.

Schumer and Company would like to amend this purpose to include "anytime the price of oil spikes."

Well, I'm here today to announce that I will support Senator Schumer's efforts to release oil from the SPR. Tap the reserves, Chuck. Save me a few bucks at the pump. More power to you.

Now, before you go and start burning up my comment pages telling me I'm a sellout to a liberal trick, I do have some "provisos", and some "quid-pro-quo's" that are attached to my endorsement of Chuck and Company.

1. Any and all oil reserves released from the SPR must be replaced as soon as possible from domestic oil production - specifically from the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), coastal drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and/or the California Coast, or other oil fields.

2. Any and all oil reserves released from the SPR must be refined at domestic oil refineries. Chuck and Company must agree in legislation to allow construction of new refineries on US soil. American oil refineries are operating at capacity - a fact which must be remedied now.

3. The US Government, specifically the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy need to stop mandating the production of so many different types of gasoline across the nation. As mentioned in the previous requirement, US refining capacity is at its limit. The requirement of so many different types of gasoline for specific markets causes production limitations to a market with ever increasing demand. That, in turn, increases pump prices while having a negligible effect on environmental factors.

Those are my requirements in order to fully support Chuck's efforts to tap the SPR. I wonder if he'll accept my challenge.

Market forces are factual. Facts, in the immortal words of Ronaldus Magnus, are stubborn things. Chuck Schumer's answer to the market forces is to tap a limited supply while doing nothing to fix the overall problem. He and his cohorts have proven they cannot lead, they will not follow, so there remains only one thing for them to do. Get the hell out of the way.

Here endeth the lesson.

*The reader will realize that I do know that, officially, Chuck Schumer is the "Senior" Senator from New York. While this may be the case, he has pretty much abdicated the responsibility of this role to Hillary Rodham Rodham. Therefore we refer to him as the "Junior Senator".
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I would like the SPR tapped... but more urgently, I'd like to see it stop being filled !

Please see this link for current information than the link you provided.

Posted by Eric
I have a challenge for you.

Join in trying to make biodiesel available at every gas station in the country. Write you congress members about that.

Then we won't have to argue about ANWR or foreign oil ever again. 

Posted by Jesse
You want Biodiesel? More power to you. I don't know of any law prohibiting its sale. A few points for you though:

1) My Mustang won't run on Biodiesel.
2) The arguement about ANWR is over. 

Posted by Cordeiro
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