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Thursday, March 24, 2005
SOTR Tops Google Search
by Bonjo

SOTR Tops Google Search

Alexandria, VA, March 23, 2005. Sons of the Republic (a joint venture of Excellence in Blogging, Inc.) is pleased to announce the latest round of search engine rankings.

"Google has obviously recognized the existance of SOTR," said site co-founder Cordeiro in a telephone interview. In focused testing, SOTR was returned by Google as the Number One site on the Internet.

The tested search phrases, "Kennedy Scotch" and "Drunk Kennedy Scotch" returned SOTR as the top site on the Internet. When site co-founder Bonjo was asked about the significance of the ranking he stated: "We anticipate that staffers from Ted Kennedy's office will increasingly frequent this site."

A third site co-founder, Thom the Blog Culler, who also serves as legal counsel for SOTR, was unavailable for comment due to the fact that he actually works for a living.

Despite the fact that none of the three SOTR contributors consume alcoholic beverages, they are willing to accept whatever publicity this may generate for their joint blogging effort.
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