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Thursday, March 17, 2005
That's Gonna Leave a Mark!
by Cordeiro
...on Dusty Harry's pride.

Yesterday the Senate finally, and despite the efforts of a bunch of empty suits who can't find Alaska, let alone ANWR on a map, opened up the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling.

The Environmental Lobby would have you believe this action will result in the wholesale destruction of one of the last areas of pristine wilderness left on the face of the planet. Again, most of them can't find Alaska, let alone ANWR, on a map. They have never visited ANWR. I can't understand why they haven't taken advantage of the tourism opportunities there. Could it be this "Pristine Wilderness" is some of the most inhospitable territory on earth? Nah. I hear the balmy -87 degree weather is a real draw.

The Powerliners do an excellent job of putting the environmental impact on ANWR in perspective:

The portion that will be open to drilling is a largely barren coastal section about the size of a regional airport in a refuge the size of the state of South Carolina. Drilling will occur only in the winter, when the place is frozen solid, using sophisticated technology that will scarcely leave a footprint come spring, when the single caribou herd that grazes in the refuge comes calling.
The fact is, this country's economy runs on Oil. Black Gold. Texas Tea. Great strides are being made in the development of alternative and renewable resources. That said, none of the stuff developed to date will burn in the engine of my Mustang.

The only thing the Environmental Lobby seems able to do about this issue is whine. They offer no solutions, save returning to the age of the horse and buggy - at which time they would no doubt whine about increased methane emissions. I'm sure that shortly they'll start airing commercials depicting the harsh living conditions of the Caribou with strained violins in the background and a Barbara Streisand voice-over.

Meanwhile, back in reality, common sense has prevailed - all be it by a narrow margin. Slim victories still count in the W column. Somebody hand Dusty Harry a big bottle of Tylenol. Its gonna be a long Congressional Session.

Here endeth the lesson.
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