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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?
by Cordeiro
Something must happen to people when they don black judicial robes and take the bench (federal or state) in the state of Florida. My personal opinion is critical lobes of the brain are removed - specifically those governing the areas of rational thought.

US District Judge James Whittemore has evidently undergone this procedure. He has ruled that the continued forced starvation of Terri Shiavo may continue.

Here are the facts of the case:

1. Terri Shiavo is alive.
2. She is disabled.
3. She requires assistance in order to meet her daily needs.
4. Such assistance is available.
5. Her husband desires to, and is currently prohibiting such assistance from being given, thus condemning her to a long, slow, and painful death by starvation and dehydration.

Mr. Shiavo claims to be doing this out of love and compassion for Terri. Would someone please explain to me where starvation and dehydration are found in the definition of love and compassion?

I'm waiting.
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Starvation and dehydration are definitely not going to ease her suffering. I spent about 10-12 hours yesterday reading everything online about this case.

Too many facts do not add up. Many obvious and not-easily dismissed discrepancies in his story. Major lies by the MSM (She did NOT have a heart attack, as the enzymes that always occur after a heart attack-for the rest of your life-are not in her blood. She has never had a heart attack.)

Nurses' affidavits speak of his elation whenever she would get an infection or worsen in any way, saying, Hallelujah, now I'll be a rich man, and going on in detail of how he was going to spend the money.

Even more telling is that one doctor who examined her (nominated for the Nobel Prize) stated that she has had several bones broken, and a neck injury that is indicative of strangulation. I think Michael tried to kill her, but she pulled through, and that is why he does not want her to recover, and why he has already gotten permission for cremation, and no autopsy beforehand (doesn't want any evidence!).
(and why he wouldn't take the million dollars or whatever someone offered him to let her parents take care of her...he is afraid she'll recover and tell the story.)

Now, the scary part. Why do the judges/lawyers seem to buy into all this wicked malarky? Clearwater, Florida is the headquarters of Scientology. I know! Crazy. But some believe that they have bought off/influenced judges, etc. to continue this charade. The hospice where Terri is now is owned by the scientology church. One of their primary tenets is very anti-disabled people, to say the least. I think they deliberately have shielded Michael Shiavo in order to make a landmark euthanasia case. Maybe that's ridiculous, but it would explain why it doesn't all seem to make much sense. Secret combinations and all that.

Also, she could take in regular food and water. She swallows just like anyone else. But her husband insisted that she could only be fed by the tube. Why? So much easier to "remove the tube" as if she were on an artificial respirator or something, than to say, well, let's just starve her to death. Makes it sound like an act of mercy to "release" her.

I can't understand people who don't want to hear the facts, and prefer the msm version of this is a "right to die with dignity" case. It is not. I think it is murder, myself.

But I think their plan will backfire. I think if Terri dies, she will be a martyr for the cause of life, galvanizing the energy and passion to a point where people can no longer look the other way.

Joseph Smith said something that I took great comfort in, that as the last days progressed, evil would flourish more than ever, and that we hope it does, because the difference between good and evil will become ever more apparent, so that the fence-sitters will be able to see more clearly the difference between good and evil.

Meanwhile, I can barely take nourishment myself, wanting to cry with every sip of water, or bit of food I take, that this innocent woman, who is being murdered by starvation, in the name of love and compassion and justice, cannot have. 

Posted by Peggy Snow Cahill
there is definately something fishy going on there. 

Posted by frog
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