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Friday, April 01, 2005
A Change of Heart at the SOTR
by Cordeiro

Alexandria, VA, April 1, 2005. In a stunning acknowledgement of the rising liberal tide across the country, SOTR founders Cordeiro and Bonjo ceded editorial control of the Sons Of The Republic Weblog to the Democratic National Committee.

"We just couldn't see denying the rise of Democratic Party across the American landscape," stated Cordeiro in an Yahoo Instant Messenger interview. "We realize the folly of our ways and hope that Howard Dean can turn this blog into a more level playing field for Liberal bloggers."

Co-founder Bonjo declared his support for Hillary Clinton in 2008. "I just wish I could go to sleep for the rest of the W Administration and wake up in a more tolerant and decidedly liberal America."

The third co-founder of the SOTR, Thom the Blog Culler was unavailable for comment. Emails to his office were refused and it was unclear whether or not the other two founders would initiate a search for him, or whether they would vote to suspend further nourishment and hydration.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, upon hearing the news of SOTR's conversion, immediately broke into a spontaneous rendition of James Brown's hit song I Feel Good.

Senator Ted Kennedy's office also inquired as to when Google would remove SOTR's #1 ranking when the words "Kennedy" and "Scotch" are searched for. "We own that spot," said an incensed staffer.
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Sorry Guys. . .I guess I haven't been checking that email address frequently enough, hotmail reset it for me. OOPS! Okay, okay. . .I'll start to do better. I promise. I've started picking up at the jabs in the posts. Thanks for your patience and your support.

Let me know how the new swing into liberalism goes for you guys. I guess I'll have to start writing more if I'm going to be the lonely voice of covservatism here at SOTR. Although, I supposed I could be enticed over to the dark side. . .if the price is right. HAH!

Oh and Bonjo, I found out a couple of years ago after taking the MYERS-BRIGGS test that I too have the same exact personality type as Bill Clinton. I was stunned to learn this. My wife was not. Life is funny that way. Maybe this sheds some light onto the fact that you and I have some current as well as old friends in common. 

Posted by Thom
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