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Thursday, April 21, 2005
George Will on National Enfeeblement
by Cordeiro
For those of you unaware of my taste in authors, George Will is among the premiere columnists in America today. He's the only man I know of who can discuss at length any constitutional aspects of most anything and in the next breath discourse on the detailed history of baseball.

In today's Washington Post, he pens a column entitled "Have A Good Day, Or Else". He takes aim (and scores several direct hits) at the "warm and fuzzy", sensitivity focused movement in American society today. I recommend it for your reading.

You tell me which will get you further in the real world - therapism and the enfeeblement associated therewith, or "stoicism, self-reliance and courage?"
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You can always respect George Will even if you don't agree with him. Even though I wouldn't go so far to say that no therapy is good therapy, I agree the whole therapeutic movement has gone too far. Especially the physical side of psychology where each problem has a "pill solution".

George is right on the money when he points out important human values that some over-the-top therapy undermind: "stoicism, self-reliance and courage"

Who can argue with that? 

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