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Friday, April 15, 2005
High Noon
by Cordeiro
According to the Washington Post, the showdown on Senate Judicial Filibusters could be coming to a head in the next few weeks.

At the very least, this should make for good entertainment. It'll be Bill Frist of Tennessee vs. Dusty Harry from Nevada. Dusty Harry is ready to do battle, at least if you believe the flattering profile Newsweek was so nice to paint of him.

Here's the bottom line people: This is a test of whether or not the Majority actually rules in this country. Dusty Harry and his 43 Senate co-horts are out to prove that 44 Senators can dictate the make up of the Federal Bench. They believe that 44% is enough of a majority to win the day.

In other news, the San Francisco 49ers today filed suit in Federal Court demanding they be declared winners of the Super Bowl - this despite their 2-14 record during the 2004 season. They figure two wins is enough to declare themselves champions.

I'm tired of hearing the left wing whining about the possibility of this "Nuclear Option". I'm tired of hearing spineless wannabe Republicans fearing and trembling over how this might be used against them should the Democrats ever regain the Senate.

The Constitution requires the Senate to provide "advise and consent" on presidential nominees. It does not permit the Senate to impose super majority requirements where the Constitution does not require one. The Democrats have surreptitiously amended the Constitution and its time for their power grab to be slapped back.

Pull the trigger, Senator Frist. Show some back bone you Senate Republicans.

Here endeth the lesson.
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