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Friday, April 22, 2005
John Kerry: Shaking his fist at the heavens
by Bonjo
Kevin McCullough has a great piece on former presidential hopeful John Kerry. An excerpt:

For John Kerry I am convinced the only way he can sleep at night is with heavy medication. How else can he read his own words and believe in any serious fashion that he is the one on the side of truth. He seems "truth challenged" ...

When the Boston Herald ran the story on Thursday using Kerry's quotes [tirading against religion], it was obvious that Kerry was expressing anger at people who exercise, believe in and propagate morality.

I thought the Boston Herald headline said it all: "KERRY: Don't Tell Me What God Wants!"

See the man shake his fist ... such a very sad, sad, sad sight to behold.
Reading the entire article, of course, puts this conclusion into perspective. McCullough's right, Kerry must be having a bad week, especially considering his own colleagues are giving up on him.

(I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin at CPAC in February, he's a nice guy as well as being right on the money)
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