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Monday, April 11, 2005
Marc Fencil, USMC
by Cordeiro
Marc Fencil is a senior at The Ohio University. He is majoring in Political Science, Criminology, and Spanish. He won't be graduating this spring because his side job is currently keeping him very busy. Which side job is this?

Marc Fencil is one of the Few & Proud currently serving in Iraq.

Upon learning his fellow students in Athens, Ohio decided to stage a "Die-In" at College Gate, Marc decided to join them in spirit by writing a letter to the editor of the The Post Online.

Most of the Marines I know are very blunt and too the point. Marc gets his point across very effectively - and for that we at the SOTR salute him.

My favorite quote from Marc's work:

...you should sleep well tonight knowing that men wearing black facemasks and carrying AK-47s yelling "Allahu Akbar" over here are proud of you and are forever indebted to you for advancing their cause of terror. While you ponder this, I'll get back to the real "die-in" over here. I don't mind.
Well said, Marc.

Good luck, Godspeed, and Good Hunting.

Here endeth the lesson.

*HT to BlackFive.
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I like your blog. Thanks for visiting mine-- you're blogrolled over there now, and I plugged you. You deserve it. This kind of post is what makes the blogosphere worth visiting! 

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