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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Market Forces Assault Air America
by Cordeiro
In this great country, everyone has a right to speak his or her mind. They may do it on the street corner, in a blog, or on the airwaves. It is their right - bought and paid for by the men and women of this country for nearly 230 years.

The only catch is, nobody has to listen to you. The liberal, left wing talk radio "network" Air America is proving this fact each day.

Brian Anderson writes a revealing piece on Air America's troubles. Their on air talent (led by Al "Cheap Shot" Franken) has much to say, but nobody is listening. Even in New York, the bluest of blue states, Air America's ratings have plunged below that of the All-Caribbean format it replaced.

As much as I hate to brag, if I were to state that the SOTR website has more readers than Air America has listeners, I don't think I would be too far off.

Now some liberals long for the days the Fairness Doctrine - the days when radio stations were required to air liberal tripe despite the fact nobody was listening.

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., here's your sign.

This, dear reader, is the way liberals like to compete. They desire to change the rules of any contest they are currently losing.

Market Forces are wonderful things.

Here endeth the lesson.
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As much as I am sure you'd rather it be because of a liberal message, Air America has much larger obstacles than their message, like let me see... financial problems?

And before you start that trite argument that their financial problems stem from their low ratings, please hold yourself back and realize that corporate backing has a lot more to do with it.

When shows are running out of money, their message isn't as grandiose as CNN or FoxNews, which tends to lower the "shock and awe" American audiences have come to expect from these kind of "news" outlets. Let's not even begin talking about the crappy right-leaning shows out there. 

Posted by theprisoner6
First off, its not a 'trite' argument. Its based on time tested facts.

The fact is, Air America's ratings are abysmal. These ratings dictate the amount of money they can charge advertisers for time slots. Currently the Air America rate is so low advertisers are paid to fill air time.

Even if you want to go so far as to term Air America as a 'start-up' operation, eventually all venture capital financed operations are expected to turn a profit. Hemmorage cash long enough and you go under. Just ask any Dot Commie out there.

Corporate backing may have something to do with keeping otherwise worthless shows on the air. I contend that CNN's Crossfire stays on the air a) because of its legacy in political circles and b) CNN has nothing more formidable to fill the slot with. CNN can afford to bleed with Crossfire because they make money elsewhere. Where that is I don't know.

Air America's problem is they lose money across the board.  There is no cash cow from which they can make up the losses. Their financial problems can be traced directly  to their format, content, and on-air "talent". If people actually listened to the "network", ratings would improve, advertising revenue would flow, and Air America would emerge as actual competition in the talk radio arena.

The only questions left about Air America are a) how long "investors" will funnel money down its rathole, and b) whether or not anyone will notice when the plug is pulled.  

Posted by Cordeiro
Ratings are verry important in radio, almost as much as in television. There is no denying it. But like any business, management plays a crucial role.

Ask Enron or any of the slew of failed ".com" startup businessmen out there. Was there demand for many of these companies? You bet. It is in providing that demand to the audience that counts. You can pump tons of capital into an organization and get mixed results. Or pump little money into a well-oiled company and get great results. The World Bank is an excellent example of another such organization that fails consistently to manage its money, but yet the US contributes millions a year.

Management of resources is key. I know alot of businesses that should have failed because of low-demand only to resurrect through creative accounting practices and clever marketing ploys to advertisers.

Most moderate liberals I know of bought Al Franken's book but know little about Air America. Most people don't even get Air America to listen to it regularly anyway. Don't blame the message for the failures of the messenger. 

Posted by theprisoner6
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