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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Memo to Senator Bill Frist, MD (R-TN)
by Cordeiro

I would like to bring to your attention, no doubt you are aware of it by now anyway, the MSM reports of a possible deal on Judicial Nominees between you and Senator Dusty Harry Reid (D-NV).

Highlights from these reports include the following:

There are but two words you need to transmit to Dusty Harry, Senator Frist.

No Deal.

Dusty Harry is playing a high stakes poker game with you, Senator Frist. In classic Las Vegas style, he's bluffing. He holds a pair of deuces, while you hold a royal flush. If you look closely at his press conferences, you can see him sweat.

Why is Dusty Harry sweating? Because he knows the courts are the last line of defense left to liberal leftists. They've lost just about everything else because their politics are so far out of the American mainstream the electorate has seen fit to strip them of any real political power. This is why Dusty Harry and Company go to the Capitol Steps, the Supreme Court Steps, and just about any other steps they can find to whine about the Separation of Powers. They whine about Basic Fairness. They whine about the Rights of the Minority. They whine because without the courts that will be all they are able to do.

Dusty Harry is scared, Senator. He's painted himself into a corner with his threat to shut down the Senate. He knows if he does that, he'll be hit with a popular backlash unlike any in recent memory. Forget the cooked up polls published by the Washington Post and USAToday. If you haven't figured out the slant of those media outlets, I can't help you.

Its time that you and the other Senate Republicans starting acting like a majority party. Your taped broadcast was a good step in that direction. Dusty Harry and Company think 44 Senators a majority makes. Your actions in the coming weeks will decided whether or not that is true.

Don't blink. Don't deal. Get the job done.

Here endeth the lesson.
4 Comment(s):
So you think 49% of the country representing 70% of our economic productivity is "two duces?" I want to play poker with you!


Posted by t0m
You're so wrong of course. Democrats won't back down on this or any other issue. You can pass your tax cuts for the rich, but we're also noting every time you vote against increasing veteran's benefits, soldier pay, VA healthcare.

You can lie in the news about the nuclear option, which your CorporaCons coined and decided to use. But, we'll shut down the Senate. Will people notice? No, because we will continue to introduce legislation that will help real people. Things like healthcare, support for soldiers and veterans, deficit reduction, real education reform. Things that show progressive values and that highlight CorporaCon values - wealth and corporate welfare.

Let the nuclear option come. Please. 

Posted by Chuckles
Perhaps t0m is getting the Senate and the House confused.

The Senate is comprised of two senators from each state, regardless of size or economic stature. The House, on the other hand, is comprised of a fixed number of representatives, assigned in varying numbers to states based on the population of each state.

Concentrations of economic productivity tend to draw more people to live in an area. Hence, areas with high economic productivity tend to have higher populations. So that would be reflected in the House.

But, oh, that's right... The Republicans have the House of Representatives, too.

Same worn out rhetoric we heard after the election, when blue city Democrats attempted to dismiss the voices of those who don't live in cramped urban apartments. 

Posted by Bonjo
Perhaps t0m should reference the election map  to better educate himself about the electorate. We could provide him with economic facts, but that might be too much for him to handle.

As for Chuckles, if you're trying to get a rise out of me, you'd better find something other than tired, worn out, over-used, 30 year old liberal soundbytes. You've got to do better than that. 

Posted by Cordeiro
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