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Monday, April 25, 2005
Never Bring a Knife to a Gunfight
by Cordeiro

*Hat Tip to Chris Muir at Day by Day
5 Comment(s):
You wing-nuts and your gun fantasies.


Posted by t0m
Fantasy, indeed.

Where are the gunowner accident statistics  when you need them? 

Posted by theprisoner6
Probably the same place you find statistics  supporting a drop in crime levels with an increase in gun ownership. 

Posted by Cordeiro
What about vehicle owner statistics?

Looky here, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death  for people aged 3 to 33.

And lo and behold, traffic fatalities reached an all-time high in 2004.

Conclusion? We should outlaw motor vehicles. 

Posted by Bonjo
Who said anything about outlawing anything? Not me. I think there should be reasonable restrictions on gun ownership, but nothing more.

To say that the cartoon depicted anything but a fantasy is ludicrous however. BTW, in searching for the accident statistics, I found all of those others. It's interesting that motor vehicles were the leading cause of death in America, but one could claim it is because more peole own cars than guns, and how much higher would that number be if we didn't require people to get state-issued licenses or had ridiculous "buckle-up" laws? Just proving yet again that in the hands of a partisan zealot, anyone can make statistics alone point to one or another conclusion.

Just because I don't believe the government should over-restrict gun control or anything else (including censorship), it doesn't mean that I believe most people carrying guns aren't more of a liablity on society than those who do not. So throw as many statistics as you like @ me. But don't expect me to accept that ridiculous right-wing fantasy that guns are the magic forcefield that protects citizens from violent criminals. 

Posted by theprisoner6
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