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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
On Popes and Truth
by Bonjo
Yet another reason why I (a former Catholic) already like Pope Benedict XVI:

German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Vatican theologian who was elected Pope Benedict XVI, intervened in the 2004 US election campaign ordering bishops to deny communion to abortion rights supporters including presidential candidate John Kerry.
As Cordeiro said, the lefties are out trying to make Pope Benedict XVI look like Al Capone. This is a man who knows his church's doctrine, and will not compromise. Such steadfastness is exactly what the church needs in this day and age of shifting moral and societal values.

There is doctrine, and there is tradition. Those are two very different things. Tradition, for example, is that priests do not marry, and that congregants stand and kneel during different parts of the Catholic mass. Such things can be altered without affecting the doctrine of the religion.

However, there are some things on which the church leaders should never bend. Those are matters of doctrine, such as abortion. People say Benedict XVI is a "polarizing figure" because he will not bend on such issues. The doctrinal deficients who say such things are the true polarizing figures.

I now return to my capitalist endeavors.
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Because Cordeiro insists, I will honestly  describe the following link:

A brief but concise, albeit, left-leaning overview of the new Pope:

You might not agree with all of it, but we'll see if this pope lives up to his past and does cause a schism in the Church. I truly hope he doesn't. Maybe now that he is pope, he'll be more unifying such as his name Benedict suggests. 

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