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Friday, April 22, 2005
PBS Execs Fear "Right Wing Agenda"
by Bonjo
Today's Washington Post has an article about the "troubling" movement at PBS to bring that black hole of tax dollars into a more--to borrow a term--fair and balanced journalistic sphere.

Many people are complaining about the Republicans which have taken over. These right-wing zealots are demanding investigations, handing shows to like-minded conservatives, and have even expressed outrage over a "children's travelogue program in which a rabbit character named Buster paid a visit to two families headed by lesbians" (imagine that).

The news, in my opinion, is not found in the empty claims that fascism has taken over at PBS. The news, to me, is the reason behind the big fuss: liberals have essentially admitted to their decades-long hold on a tax-funded, liberal-dominated broadcast service.

That's the news. "Liberals admit to holding PBS hostage, experience loss of control under W administration."

Somehow I've missed all the Post articles over the years expressing outrage regarding PBS spending tax money to slant the news to the left. One thinks the Post would have preferred the government not compete at the Post's own game.

With that I return to my capitalist endeavors.
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Ok, as a libertarian, I don't believe the government should be funding PBS or faith-based initiatives. I don't understand how people can point out the liberal tax-paying dollars at work and ignore the vast amounts going to the Republican causes.

But if the government is going to fund with one vast hand its own media packages, abstinence-only programs and a whole slew of Republican pet projects, why can't the liberals have PBS. What hardline Rebpublican watches PBS anymore?

"Visiting lesbians"? I would think most Rebublicans would want to ban PBS just because it admitted that there are lesbian parents out there (imagine that).

It's not that I really disagree with you. I just see this as an issue of the pot calling the kettle black. Big, bloated federal government is growing, not shrinking, under this administration and until Republicans get some real conservatives in power, I am afraid the government will become too big for either party to control.

But maybe not for red-ribbon slashing libertarian... yeah, dream on! 

Posted by theprisoner6
If liberals want to "have" PBS they must do just one simple thing...win an election  . PBS should have to play on the same field as all the other networks. Than, perhaps, they might produce something worth watching

Posted by Cordeiro
Prisoner is the first Libertarian I've met who would defend N. Korea and Cuba, or consider them good places to live. 

Posted by Bonjo
PBS had some Fox news contributers on the other night. All they did was argue and interrupt the other guests. And misquote people who had just spoken. Finally, one of the regulars turned to the Republican pollster and said, "I hate to tell you this, but it's not all about the left."

If that's what you consider "worth watching" no wonder the whole world looks down on you as a bunch of ignorant hicks.

Republicans have this need to cast everything in terms of left-vs-right. You can see the results, there are no results. It's just self-gratification.

Posted by t0m
"Prisoner is the first Libertarian I've met who would defend N. Korea and Cuba, or consider them good places to live "

My exact comment was this:

"Capitalism is not synomous with freedom anyhow. You can make a buck in North Korea and Russia pretty easily. But if the government unfairly shuts you down, who's going to listen if the state controls all media outlets and court decisions?"

Hardly an endorsement... but I appreciate the sentiment. Gone are the Republicans of yore, now as I libertarian I find myself agreeing more with the progressives than the current Republican herd. True conservatives everywhere should realize their party has left them behind. 

Posted by theprisoner
"Republicans have this need to cast everything in terms of left-vs-right. You can see the results, there are no results. It's just self-gratification. "

You'll get a lot of that here @ SOTR. Welcome. 

Posted by theprisoner6
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