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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Schizophrenic Democrats attack!
by Bonjo
Senator "Dusty Harry" Reid's own words speak as a voice from the dust.

In 1983, Reid introduced legislation that would have prevented Federal employees, like himself, from paying into Social Security. He preferred the old Federal retirement program over what the rest of the country is forced into. The same Social Security that you and I are paying into, despite the fact we will receive only a fraction of current promised benefits.

You may say, "Well, Dusty Harry said that 20 years ago!"

I agree, it was 20 years ago. Of course, that hasn't stopped Democrats from taking quotes from then Congressional-hopeful George W. Bush from almost 30 years ago, has it?

Even more recently, as this article points out, Reid has contradicted himself again on Social Security:

... contrasting Reid’s claim that "there is no more positive agenda than saving Social Security" to one made two days later, when he said, "The so-called Social Security crisis exists in only one place: the minds of Republicans."
It needs saving, but there is no crisis? Which is it, Dusty?

I think Reid got his script pages from Howard Dean mixed up again. I now return to my capitalist endeavors.
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