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Monday, April 18, 2005
Thom's Sweet Babboo Graces The Cover of Time Magazine
by Cordeiro

No word on Mrs. Blog Culler's reaction to the mysterious disapperance of all neighborhood news stand copies of the latest issue of Time.
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Now, now. Thom reads Coulter for the content . I'm sure he's never even seen her before... 

Posted by Bonjo
You've got to be kidding me. I think all of you on this blog are more intelligent than Ms. Coulter, hands down.

I can understand holding up Rush as an intelligent conservative, but holding up Coulter, Hannity, or any other loud, annoying, no-substance, all-bile hypocritical personalities up as really worth anything is sacrilege. That's like a liberal holding up Michael Moore or Colmes as thought-provoking.

Please... you guys are smarter than this. 

Posted by theprisoner6
Prisoner, only you would construe me making light of my good friend and co-blogger Thom the Blog Culler's obsession with his Sweet Babboo. You'll note that the post made no mention of her ideology or writings. I simply noted that she'd made the cover of Time.

Your short sighted, canned, and parroted indictments of Coulter and Hannity simply proves the fact that you haven't read Coulter and you don't listen to Hannity.

That said, Bonjo and I have made the executive decision to endorse Ann Coulter as the SOTR's official Right Wing Pundit Babe . Thank you for bringing this oversight to our attention. 

Posted by Cordeiro
Don't worry. I'll still read your blog, Cordeiro. Even if I'm the only one that believes you're better than her.

PS - Not that it matters... but I listen to Hannity once a week and have read three books by Coulter. 

Posted by theprisoner6
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