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Thursday, April 21, 2005
Volcker Inquiry Investigators Denounce Kofi Investigation as a Sham
by Cordeiro
Paul Volcker, the man tapped to investigate the ongoing corruption at the highest levels of the United Nations in the Oil for Food Scandal (also known as the Kofi Annan Retirement Fund) lost two of his primary investigators yesterday.

Seems that they didn't agree with Volcker's kid glove approach to Kofi.

(For the record, Paul Volcker is a former head of the US Federal Reserve, and the only person I'm aware of to have a recession named in his honor.)

This scandal stinks to high heaven. Anyone with half a brain cell can see that Kofi is in it up to his eyebrows. Volcker gives him a pass. That's what happens when you investigate the man who signs your paycheck.

And some people wonder why I think the UN is a waste of valuable Manhattan real estate.

Here endeth the lesson

*HT to Captain Ed.
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