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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Big Chief Runnin' Scared Rides Again!
by Cordeiro
Just when you think he'd already ridden off into the sunset dragging his ill gotten CU-Boulder settlement with him, "Professor" Ward "Big Chief Runnin' Scared" Churchill finds another rock to slide from.

It looks like responding to the various charges leveled at him by several sources taxed even the skilled fiction writing skills of Big Chief Runnin' Scared. (For those of you unfamiliar with the saga of Big Chief Runnin' Scared, please check the SOTR archives.) In classic fashion, "Professor" Churchill delivered a 50 page, single spaced "rebuttal" to the subcommittee investigating his actions. His lawyer, David Lane, described the content of Big Chief Runnin' Scared's tome in the following manner:

Permeating the entire response is 'Look, this is motivated by my First Amendment rights being trampled on. For me to even have to answer this is a denial of my First Amendment rights, but since you asked, here is my answer.'
Evidently the Big Chief has forgotten that plagiarism and perjury aren't covered by the first amendment.

In addition to the 50 page diatribe, whose orgininality could not be confirmed, the Big Chief also submitted his tribal membership card as proof of his associate membership status in the Keetoowah Cherokee band.

Evidently, the authenticity of the membership card can't be confirmed either. Back in February, Georgia Mauldin, the tribal clerk of the United Keetoowah Band Cherokee stated - for the record - that "Professor" Churchill is not a member of the aforementioned band of Indians. Said Mauldin,

He's not in the database at all and is not a member of the Keetoowah.
Big Chief Runnin' Scared says he's in the Tribe. The Tribe says he's not.

Well, in the immortal words of the Enterprise's Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott:

And if my sister had wheels, she'd be a wagon.
Here endeth the lesson.
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this sickness ("misunderstanding the First Amendment") is going around a lot lately.

Some people just don't know when to shut up and and enjoy their illgotten settlement, do they?
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A poster named "Ward Churchill" said [edited]:


You're just a big time [blank], and a total loser who can't even spell correctly. Honk your [blank][blank] when you [blank], [blank]!

The comment was obviously deleted because it did not conform to our profanity regulations.

However, I was entertained to learn that this visitor hailed to us from the Montgomery County Public School system.

Such great language employed up there by faculty and students both! MoCo public schools, for those of you not in this area, recently found themselves in the news over supporting an illegal immigration rally, during which a local conservative radio personality was roughed up by police.

MoCo.. what a place.
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Ring of Truth. Let me add that do my dictionary of oxymorons.

First of all, its not a dubious opportunity. Unlike the left-wing sewer blogs you no doubt frequent, we actually have standards here. We set them. We enforce them. Its our blog. With due respect (however little that may be) to you, we'll allow what comments we see fit. We'll delete those that violate the aforementioned standards.

So far, you're two for two. Keep it up.

And no, we don't fabricate claims here at the SOTR. We leave that to CBS and Newsweek. And I'm sure, you miserable vomitous mass, that the DirecPC hookup you used today was far faster than the MoCo one you used yesterday.

I'd say more, but I just remembered that you're boring...and I've got better things to do.
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