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Monday, May 16, 2005
How Newsweek missed the real story...
by Bonjo
Newsweek has admitted to publishing an incorrect story regarding U.S. military personnel flushing a copy of the Qur'an down a toilet.

I, for one, never believed this story for a moment. Look at the evidence. Show me a toilet that can flush more than two squares of toilet paper at once without clogging, much less an entire book of scripture, and maybe you have yourself a news story.

This was obviously a fabrication from the beginning!

I now return to my capitalist endeavors.
3 Comment(s):
Newsweek must have left out the part of the story detailing how the Qur'an was tosse down the sewer by a scantily clad, well endowed Jewish Stripper.

**This comment, for those of you unable to understand humor, is meant to illustrate absurdatiy by being absurd.
I couldn't agree more about the ridiculousness of this story. I think the attention this story has received is even more absurd.
Just because they blew this one, doesn't mean they won't try again.
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