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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Icing the Kicker
by Cordeiro
In the continuing saga of the Filibuster, a deal has been made by 14 "Centrist" Senators to avert a showdown on the use of the Filibuster against W's Judicial Picks.

Anyone who thinks this is over needs to have their water tested for high levels of lead.

What has happened here is very similar to a strategery used by football teams in close games. If the game can be decided by a field goal and the opposing team is in range, the defending team waits for the field goal unit to get lined up and then, just before the snap of the ball, calls a time out. The strategery is called "Icing the Kicker". Its meant to break his concentration and cause him to miss the mark.

Sometimes it works. Most times it doesn't.

I'm not happy about this deal - mostly because it robs me of the entertainment value that would be provided by a Dusty Harry and the Jackass Company Filibuster Show. Scotch Kennedy is incoherent at noon, I'm curious to see what he looks and sounds like at a 2 am quorum call.

"Republicans" behind this "deal" are as follows:

Mike DeWine (Ohio), Susan Collins (Maine), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Lincoln Chafee (R.I.), McCain, John Warner (Va.), and Olympia Snowe (Maine).

Senator Warner, I am so not impressed.

Democrats on the deal are as follows:

Sens. Bill Nelson (Fl), Mark Pryor (Ark.), Robert Byrd (W.Va.), Joe Lieberman (Conn.), Mary Landrieu (La.), and Ken Salazar (Colo.).

Anyone who believes Sheets Byrd and Bubblehead Landrieu have any intention of actually abiding by the agreement need to have their water checked, again. Good luck with the re-elect, Sheets. Have fun with your one term, Ken.

Again, this is far from over.
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