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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
McCain, the Media Darling
by Bonjo
Our good friend The Hedgehog said it right, summarizing McCain's motives for undermining the power of the majority:

This gambit was the commencement of his campaign for president. Poor man -- he still thinks voters will rally to a squishy centrist.
McCain is the quintessential class clown. He loves attention, he loves being media fodder, and he knows he has to act up if he's going to get any attention--be it scolds or accolades.

I respect Senator McCain for the sacrifices he made for this country during his military service. Beyond that, I cannot say that I respect Senator McCain for his political service. His whining during the 2000 primaries, his continued, spineless, shifting and bending in the Senate, his condemning of those critical of John Kerry's military service--while remaining silent about Bush's critics. Whenever McCain is on board the GOP ship, he has his lifevest securely fastened.

If the Democrats feel they can brag about reaching across the aisle to embrace McCain to avert a "Constitutional crisis," they should no doubt realize they haven't reached very far.

I summarize with a message to "Squish" McCain, and my very own, disappointing, homestate senator, John Warner (R-VA): Don't count on my vote, gentlemen, since I obviously can't count on yours.
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Whenever McCain is on board the GOP ship, he has his lifevest securely fastened.

Come on. Every politician is like that. There are few that stand on principle and more that stand by their party only when the gravy train is coming from it. Do you really believe that George W. Bush would have been elected governor much less president had he not ridden the Bush dynasty ship?

I will give this to Bush though: he doesn't wear any life vests, but then again I don't think he can swim on his own anyway.
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