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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Million Man Sickout?
by Cordeiro
Calypso Louis Farakkan is back. I was beginning to miss the Distinguished Barking Moonbat. Looks like he wants to commemorate the tenth anniversary "Million" Man March.

You remember the "Million" Man March, don't you? October 1995. A lot of African American Men (not a million) gathered on the National Mall for a day of Atonement and a call to action. That's what they came for. What they got was a rambling discourse by Calypso Louis on the historical aspects of the number 19. I saw the speech. I am not making this up.

Even the aftermath of the "Million" Man March was comical. The organizers of the march "felt" the number of attendees was between 1.5 and 2 million people. The US Park Service pegged the number at about 400,000. The organizers, outraged their "feelings" weren't supported by fact, demanded a recount. Even their own guy pegged the number at 837,214 plus (but more likely) or minus 20%. Either way, its not quite a million.

I digress.

So Calypso Louis wants to commemorate the 10th Anniversary. Here is one of the lines he used to rally his troops:

If anybody deserves to strap a bomb on themselves and give pain for the pain we have suffered, it is we. But none of us would kill.
What, pray tell, do you do with a bomb other than kill and cause pain, Reverend?

He also made some rambling references to the Asian Tsunami and how it related to the economic struggle of African Americans. No, I don't understand how that works either, but much of what Calypso Louis says is unintelligible. I refer you again to his lengthy discourse on the subject of the number 19.

In addition to the "Million" Man March commemoration, organizers have called for a Day of Absence from school and work on October 14, followed by a march on Washington the day after.

So, Calypso Louis, you're going to take people from their places of learning and chosen profession - something that should and ought to be encouraged - for what purpose? Help me out here...

No word as to whether Calypso Louis has requested the NCAA cancel all football games scheduled to be played and broadcast on October 15. That's where my TV will be tuned - unless I need a refresher lecture on the number 19.

Here endeth the lesson.
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