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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Moonbat Academics Cloak Anti-Semitism with Conservative Bashing
by Cordeiro
There are some who wonder why newspaper circulation is in a steep decline. One need but read the LA Times Editorial Page for a glaring reason for a lack of readership.

In today's edition Saree Makdisi, a professor of English literature at UCLA decries the movement by some conservatives to undermine the absolute power of Ivory Towered Academics. I do not know Professor Makdisi nor am I familiar with his academic work.

What I do know is that this man is a vicious Anti-Semite. He does not like Israel. He cares for the Jewish people even less. While his chosen profession may be English Literature, I wonder how Jews are treated in his classroom and other professional endeavors.

He bewails the Neo-Conservative assault on the Ivory Towers of Academia. Any attempt by the state (who sponsors his employer - UCLA) to reign in the absolute liberalism rampant on America's Collegiate Landscape is declared to be an assault on humanity. Says Professor Makdisi:

To protect students from what one might (mistakenly) suppose to be an
epidemic of indoctrination, the bill mandates that students be graded on the
basis of their "reasoned answers" rather than their political beliefs. Reading
lists should "respect the uncertainty and unsettled character of all human
knowledge." Speakers brought to campus should "promote intellectual pluralism,"
and faculty should eschew political, religious or "anti-religious" bias.
Notwithstanding its contorted syntax, the bill may sound reasonable. But, in
fact, it has nothing to do with balance and everything to do with promoting a
neoconservative agenda

Again, the state represents the people. The people subsidize the education system. The left represents the minority of the American people, yet constitutes the majority of college faculties nationwide. The people have a right to demand educational entities represent the views of the people.

I could continue to argue against Professor Makdisi, but his article is far more sinister than the first eight paragraphs might indicate. Yes, dear reader, Professor Makdisi waited until Paragraph NINE to spew the following:

The campaign for academic "rights" actually originated with organizations and individuals committed to defending Israel from criticism, and whose interest in curtailing academic freedom dovetails with those of conservatives.

At the federal level, for example, a confluence of conservative and pro-Israeli forces helped push HR 3077 through the House of Representatives in 2003. That bill, which foundered in a Senate committee (but has been resurrected in the current Congress), called for government monitoring of international studies programs that receive federal funding. The bill was drafted in response to the claim that the federal government was funding programs that criticize American foreign policy. If passed, it would have created a board (including two members from "federal agencies that have national security responsibilities") to ensure that academic programs "better reflect the national needs related to homeland security." Its supporters included the American Jewish Congress, the Anti-Defamation League, and the American Israel Political Action Committee, the bulwark of Israel's Washington lobby.
The bill was also backed by pro-Israel agitators Daniel Pipes and Martin Kramer, who, via allies such as neoconservative firebrand David Horowitz, are among the proponents of the "bill of rights" legislation at the state level. All the proposed bills before state legislatures are variants of a text written by Horowitz and backed by Students for Academic Freedom, which maintains a website where students can complain about their instructors' supposed bias.
I have no doubt that if he were not at UCLA, Professor Makdisi would be hard at work trying to push Israel into the sea. Instead of coming out in the open and stating his views and opinions in a context where he can be seen for what he truly is, Professor Makdisi chooses to couch his Anti-Semitism in Conservative Bashing - an activity which, in the Ivory Towered world of UCLA, is still evidently sanctioned.

The LA Times sees fit to parrot the trip put forth by this UCLA professor, which to me is a big indicator as to why people simply don't read the paper in LA anymore.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Thanks for the info. I am yet undecided on Professor Makdisi and his "anti-semitism".

He doesn't seem to in your example bash in Jewish Heritage, though he definitely attacks American policy towards Israel. And I don't think he attacked conservatives as much as neo-conservatives, which is definitely a different breed.

Give me a true conservative over a neo-con any day. 

Posted by theprisoner6
Let me be more precise in my use of the language. As I speak three of them, sometimes I am less than exact.

Professor Makdisi is not an Anti-Semite.

Professor Makdisi is a cowardly   Anti-Semite.

Hope that clears things up. 

Posted by Cordeiro
"Hope that clears things up. "

uh huh ... Does that mean he hates Jews, but runs away from them? 

Posted by theprisoner6
A quick google of the professor's name will show you some background on what this guy is about. I was about to blog the same article a couple days ago and did the google, lots of Israeli-Palestinian focussed stuff (which is just his hobby by the way). Thanks for picking this one up (I picked the Robert Scheer piece instead, which was also fun. So much idiocy, so little time.

Great blog guys, keep it up! It's cool when the "next blog" button actually brings up something good.


So you say you don't know this guy, and you say you don't know his work; how do you know he's an anti-semite? Has he said anything explicitly or specifically anti-semitic? Where? I'd like to track it down. I've googled him and found lots of stuff on Israel, but it tends to be really boring policy stuff, not really what you'd call anti-semitism. What's up with that?
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