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Monday, May 02, 2005
PFC Bryan J. Nagel, USMC
by Cordeiro
Somebody give this guy a medal...or two.

PFC Bryan J. Nagel, USMC makes me proud. His position came under fire from Iraqi Thugs (formerly and incorrectly known as insurgents). He correctly returned fire after which the first SVBIED (suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device) hit, breaching the observation post's main entrance.

PFC Nagel relates the rest of the story in his own words:

There was smoke everywhere. I was reloading when, through a patch of the smoke, I saw the second vehicle coming our way. I knew what I had to do.
PFC Nagel made short work of the vehicle, and driver, of the second SVBIED.

Well done, Marine.

*HT to Mudville Gazette
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I agreee, this boy has done the marines and the country proudd. If his family sees this, I hope they know that he is a hero to many of us. Not just from the airmed services but from private citizens
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