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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Abuse at Gitmo
by Cordeiro
When I'm wrong, I freely admit it. Don't believe me? Ask the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro.

I have long stated here there is nothing remotely related to torture or abuse going on at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. For the record, I stand by those statements. Sorry, Prisoner (of what I still have no idea). I have discovered there is, in fact, abuse taking place at Gitmo.

I commend for your reading an account written by Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu, United States Army. He's a Green Beret. Last week he actually visited the Gitmo facility (something Dick Durbin and most of his Run Away Chorus Members have yet to do) and has some interesting comments on the actual abuse going on there.

Some highlights:

After speaking with soldiers, sailors, and civilians who collectively staff Gitmo, I left convinced that abuse definitely exists at the detention facilities, and it typically fails to receive the press attention it deserves: it’s the relentless, merciless attacks on American servicemen and women by these terrorist thugs. Many of the orange jumpsuit-clad detainees fight their captors at every opportunity, openly bragging of their desire to kill Americans. One has promised that, if released, he would find MPs in their homes through the internet, break into their houses at night, and “cut the throats of them and their families like sheep.” Others claim authority and vindication to kill women, children, and other innocents who oppose their jihadist mission authorized by the Koran (the same one that hangs in every cell from a specially-designed holder intended to protect it from a touching the cell floor – all provided at U.S. taxpayer expense). One detainee was heard to tell another: “One day I will enjoy sucking American blood, although their blood is bitter, undrinkable…."
Lt. Colonel Cucullu makes a point of reminding the reader why these murdering islamofasict terrorist thugs are guests of the US Government:

There is a good reason these unlawful combatants are being confined. They are evil and dangerous individuals. Yet these thugs are treated with an amazing degree of compassion: They are given ice cream treats and recreational time. They live in clean facilities, and receive a full Muslim religious package of Koran, prayer rug, beads, and prayer oils. An arrow in every cell points to Mecca. The call to prayer is played five times daily. They are not abused, hanged, tortured, beheaded, raped, mutilated, or in any way treated the way that they once treated their own captives – or now treat their guards.
For the record, I'll take the word of a Green Beret Lieutenant Colonel over Dick Durbin and Amnesty International every single time. Lt. Colonel Cucullu has earned my respect. Durbin, Amnesty and the rest of the Run Away Chorus have not.

Here endeth the lesson.

*Hat Tip to Captain Ed.
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Not all detainees in Gitmo, Iraq or Afghanistan are terrorists. Nor are all detainees given legal representation such as habeas corpus would suggest.

But, Bush proved last night we're never leaving Iraq, so I truly hope we can hold all of the hornets we're calling out of the woodwork.
Are you guys ok? Haven't posted in a few days... getting worried.
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