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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
Amnesty International vs. Reality
by Cordeiro
This rant has been building up over the past few days as my posting abilities have been hampered by a lack of time.

Ove the past week the MSM has been rife with the latest pronouncements of Amnesty International regarding the prison conditions at Guantanamo Bay. In one breath, William Schultz declares Gitmo to be a Gulag - reminiscient of the Soviet style prisons in Siberia. Then, after drawing another breath and perhaps taking a drink of bourbon, Schultz states he's not exactly sure Gitmo meets the Gulag criteria.

I'll leave it to your own devices to guess which statement got more air time on the MSM.

Schultz also, albeit in another article, called for world nations to "apprehend Bush and Rumsfeld and other high ranking members of the Adminisration who have played a part in the "torture" scandal. He continues:

Foreign governments should uphold their obligations under international law by investigating U.S. officials implicated in the development or implementation of interrogation techniques that constitute torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment If the United States permits the architects of torture policy to get off scot-free, then other nations will be compelled to take action.
William Schultz seems to me to bear a striking resemblence to Sergeant Schultz of Hogan's Hero's fame. He knows nothing. He sees nothing.

I grow very weary of those who are so quick to cry "torture". They use this term because it grabs headlines, it gets them a chance to air their political views, and it gives them a reason to exist. I have read most of the reputable reports regarding the alleged "torture" events at Gitmo. I must say that I, and I'm in good company with Rummy, am not one to apply the "torture" term to Gitmo.

The prisoners at Gitmo are hardly worthy of the label "prisoner". They are terrorists, thugs, murderers, and generally people who would like to see the United States turned into a lake of burning radioactive fire. Yet we as a nation give them a place to stay, "culturally and religiously" appropriate meals - even copies of the very "sacred" text they use to justify their acts of terrorism against us.

Sound like "torture" so far? No. If you doubt my assertion, ask a Battan Death March survivor what they got to eat each day - if they got to eat anything.

Some, if not all of this terrorists, have information that may prove valuable to our efforts to prevent another attack on our soil or perhaps save the life of one or more of our soldiers in the field. As they may not be willing to disclose this information in an expeditious manner, we do something Amnesty International considers to be "torture".

We interrogate them.

This is done by making them feel uncomfortable, scared, worried, and possibly even fearful for their very life. It is done by creating an environment where they will disclose the required information rather than be put through another night of bright lights, loud hard rock music, and the smell of cooking sausage on the hot plate.

Again, any takers on the "torture" definition? If you think that is torture, maybe you should call Senator John McCain or any other Hanoi Hilton Survivor and ask them what they went through.

Let us not forget this is a war. This war was brought to us by these people. They have been at war with us for some 25 years and it is only now that we have begun to strike back.

Wars are not won by being nice. Wars are not won by showing the enemy how well they will be treated in a prison.

Wars are won by defeating the enemy - by destroying his ability to wage war and otherwise cause harm to others. Winning requires one side to effectively exploit the weaknesses of the other. These weaknesses are best given away by those captured on the battlefield. Right now, some of those weaknesses reside in the minds of those guests at Gitmo. If what is required to make them share this information is to make them "uncomfortable" or "fearful", so be it.

Have they considered playing really bad country music instead of hard rock? I know that would make me talk.

Here endeth the lesson.
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I have a big problem with this. Either these people are charged with a crime or the Geneva Conventions must apply.

If all of the prisoners are so guilty, why has the US focused on releasing many detainees not just in Gitmo, but also in Iraq and Afghanistan? It's called law and if these guys are indeed guilty enough to be held indefinitely, then the government needs to take its lumps and prove it through a trial.

But over time this could be a self-fulfilling prophecy, as many detainees might be held indefinitely because they now promise to commit acts of terrorism after over three years in Gitmo. Though possibly only bystanders before their detainment, many Gitmo detainees have come to pronounce threats against the US. Big shock.
Let me get this straight. You're upset because the US has been releasing prisoners?

There are some 500 guests at Gitmo. They were captured either on the battlefield or in circumstances where they were attempting or carrying out acts of terrorism. If they now are kept there because they refuse to renounce terrorism, I hope they enjoy their stay on the island.
Let me get this straight. You're upset because the US has been releasing prisoners?

You've got it. If they're so guilty, why haven't they seen a trial? If they're so innocent, why are so many being released and then caught immediately again?

The military has proven time and again its incompetence in ascertaining the terrorist threats that have at Gitmo. I don't know if outsourcing intelligence gathering has anything to do with or not, but something better change or Amnesty may not be wrong.
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