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Thursday, June 09, 2005
Dean's "Issues"
by Bonjo
Howard Dean assured his 5 remaining kook/fringe followers that he hasn't forgotten about the issues (setting aside his "issues" for the time being):

"What we're focused on is how to have a decent Social Security system [private accounts, thereby reducing demand on the system in the future], how to have a strong national defense [don't pander to rogue regimes; don't let France stall necessary military procedures], how to have jobs in America again [reduce taxes on the businesses that create jobs--even if it means cutting taxes for the "wealthiest Americans"], how to deal with incredibly high gas prices [allow new refineries to be built in USA] and get a decent energy bill [ANWR] which actually will do something about gas prices [free market]." - Howard Dean, June 9, 2005 (common sense added)
Thanks Howie, seems our President has already tackled those big ticket items. Maybe you should focus on raising some money for your party, before they throw you under the train.

In other news, Nancy "Burnin' Down the House" Pelosi stepped up to bat for Dean:

"If Governor Dean were not being effective, they would not be going after him so strongly," Pelosi said.
Pelosi was referring to Republicans and conservatives here... Though I wonder what her excuse is for the Democrats who have been distancing themselves from Dean in recent days. Are these high profile Democrats concerned that Dean is being too effective?

Perhaps they feel he is being effective, just not for the "home team".
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