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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Déjà Vu
by Bonjo

This is a familiar pattern, isn't it? Hat tip to Powerline.
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I can't wait for the stories of vote fraud. And the hanging chads.
Please tell me in presenting this, you are clear on what the French were voting against, right? I though neocons loved globalization. Wouldn't you want it to be voted in unanimously?

And interesting how red means "non" or "no". That pretty much summed up the Republican ticket in November for me as well. "No" to gay marriage. "No" to abortion. "No" to stem cell research and environmental science. "No" to civil liberties. "No" to any country that didn't say yes to the US.
I believe red means "Yes".

Yes to national sovreignty (an idea that Chirac can't quite grasp, but his fellow countrymen seem to hold dear).

Yes to strong families.

Yes to protecting the life of the helpless and defenseless.

Yes to preserving the Constitution.

And yes to defending our freedoms which were purchased at great cost.
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