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Thursday, June 16, 2005
Idiocy in Action
by Bonjo
Texas A&M is wisely distancing itself from Morgan Reynolds after he suggested that the collapse of the WTC was engineered by the Bush Administration.

"The American people know what they saw with their own eyes on September 11, 2001. To suggest any kind of government conspiracy in the events of that day goes beyond the pale."
For the last four years, some people have perpetuated the shameless theory that America attacked itself on 9/11. We've heard their theories, their paranoia, and their complete lack of common sense. We've seen the photos of the airplanes crashing into the building, we've seen the images of the hijackers boarding aircraft, and we've ever since been after those responsible.

The accusations of a government plot have arisen from false testimony, conflicting "on-the-fly" reports given on 9/11, and a glazed-over approach to engineering and forensics.

Dr. Reynolds and any other conspiracy theorists should take a look at the March issue of Popular Mechanics, which scientifically and factually disproves all of the inane accusations of a government plot:

Healthy skepticism, it seems, has curdled into paranoia... Blurry photos, quotes taken out of context and sketchy eyewitness accounts have inspired a slew of elaborate theories...

To investigate 16 of the most prevalent claims made by conspiracy theorists, POPULAR MECHANICS assembled a team of nine researchers and reporters who, together with PM editors, consulted more than 70 professionals in fields that form the core content of this magazine, including aviation, engineering and the military.

In the end, we were able to debunk each of these assertions with hard evidence and a healthy dose of common sense. We learned that a few theories are based on something as innocent as a reporting error on that chaotic day. Others are the byproducts of cynical imaginations that aim to inject suspicion and animosity into public debate. Only by confronting such poisonous claims with irrefutable facts can we understand what really happened on a day that is forever seared into world history.
One entire section of the article is dedicated to the horrific collapse of the WTC.

In the mean time, someone should ensure that the labels on Dr. Morgan's medications match the contents.

I now return to my adventures in capitalism.
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