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Thursday, June 02, 2005
Market Forces vs. CNN
by Cordeiro
Once upon a time, CNN owned the Cable News Space. Whatever CNN saw fit to air, News Junkies, Politicians, and most anyone with Cable TV would watch and accept the content as gospel.

(Memo to Ted Turner - I put as many words between "CNN" and "Gospel" as I could and still make sense)

Liberals love that fairy tale, and truthfully that is really what CNN has become.

Down in Atlanta, CNN celebrated its 25th Anniversary yesterday. You didn't know this? You're not alone. Drudge posted the overnight ratings for the CNN commemoration, and the CNN execs must be pleased. Their anniversary show only lost to Fox News' O'Reilly Factor by 1,923,000 viewers.

CNN had a grand total of 345,000 viewers for its show. It is highly likely that many of those TV sets were accidently left on.

The pitiful ratings prove that CNN may be trying to find out the answer to an age old question:

If a show airs, and nobody watches, do we still qualify for the "Network" definition?

Here endeth the lesson.
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Change "Network" to "Needs Work".
All network news stations are losing viewership, liberal or conservative, investigative or propaganda-ish.

Actually all MSM outlets are losing their audiences, on a steady decline since the November elections. The honest truth is most Americans couldn't care less about national news unless there is an election looming. And even then, most Americans prefer a fast-food kind of news service such as online news/blogs typically offer.

So picking on CNN is disengenious. It is just one part of a larger downward trend.
The only thing "disengenious" about picking on CNN is the fact that its so friggin' easy to do.

You'll note that in my post I used actual ratings numbers to prove my point - that being CNN's viewership is in a nosedive, much more than any other news network, or news program - although I might grant you CBS news might be fading faster.

Market forces, prisoner. They're very unforgiving.
*sigh* Ok, it's obvious, but here is one of the many trends that FoxNews has been demonstrating:

FNC's month-by-month weekday primetime averages in the 25-54 demographic:

Oct. 04: 1,074,000 / Nov. 04: 891,000 / Dec. 04: 568,000 / Jan. 05: 564,000 / Feb. 05: 520,000 / March 05: 498,000 / April 05: 445,000

News about the news.
Interesting that your downward spiral begins in Nov '04 (the peak of an election cycle). Of course newschannels are going to lose viewers - there's really nothing to stay glued to - unless you count the five people on Kerry's staff who were hoping for a protracted recount.

There was some good news for CNN. At some point their viewship increased by 27%, which must mean 17 more television sets were left on across the country.
At some point their viewship increased by 27%, which must mean 17 more television sets were left on across the country.

Ok... so this is personal. Why do you hate CNN so and is FoxNews really any better? I personally believe almost all MSM sucks, that's why you and I are into blogs, right?
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