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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Mitt Romney
by Cordeiro
I, for one, am not wasting too much time thinking about what the 2008 presidential matchup will be. The MSM, more specifically columnists looking to fill newspaper inches with something other than torture claims, can't spend enough time spinning or pushing one "candidate" or another.

Enter Mitt Romney, Republican governor of Scotch Kennedy and Lurch's home state of Massachusetts. Some have been touting him as a possible successor to W. A few weeks ago the Weekly Standard Terry Eastland wrote a pretty good article about Mitt and the challenges he faces should he seek the Big Chair in the Oval.

For the record, I like Romney. He did a fantastic job in salvaging what could have been a disastrous 2002 Winter Games. From what I can tell he's been a pretty good governor - especially considering he's a republican in an overwhelmingly democratic state. That said, I haven't paid intense attention to him because, well, I don't live in his state.

Because he's being touted as a possible 2008 candidate, some in the media have already begun to take shots at him. First Froma Harrop (if you've never heard of her you're not alone) a columnist from the much read and highly cited (read sarcasm) Providence Journal pretty much writes Romney off as an empty candidate, but not before she makes some thinly veiled snide comments about Mormons. Thank you Froma. Your 15 minutes are up.

And today, the Boston Herald'sAndrew Miga declares Romney's political resume is "long on ambition, but short on accomplishment".

Well, Andy, he gave Scotch Kennedy a real run for his money and somehow ended up being the governor of your state. You must have a really short memory, because I seem to remember another governor (with a much shorter - some would say non-existent list of accomplishments) of a much smaller, less populous, and far less distinguished state spending some eight years in the Oval.

Write Mitt off at your own peril. Again, its too early for this.

Here endeth the lesson.
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