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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Sorry, Wrong Congressman
by Bonjo
What if you threw a party, and no one cared, AND the address was inaccurate by 1,000 miles?

The MoveOn.org dimwits organized a protest against U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers, R-Mich for his donations to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (how shocking, a House Republican with ties to the House Republican leader! Next week we're going to find out that Karl Rove has actually dined with President Bush!).

Only--they had the wrong Congressman. It turns out that the DreamOn.org organizers didn't bother to check the facts published on their trusted Web source. To their dismay, they learned that there are two Mike Rogers' in the House: one in Michigan AND one in Alabama. The motley DreamOn.org crew showed up in Michigan, while the person they sought to harass was at "sweet home" in Alabama.

I'm debating where the real news story is--that these guys use a Web site to indict political leaders without verifying facts (maybe NEWSWEEK helped organize the protest?); that these guys are a bunch of powerless activists that organize rallies against politicians no one has even heard of (the next rally will be against the deputy mayor of Des Moines, IA for allegedly attending church once a week); or that these nimrods actually found 20 people willing to go to the aforementioned rally.

At least we can rest well knowing these 20 people are probably unemployed, so we can assume they had nothing better to do than organize a protest against a politician located 4 states away.
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