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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Well (And Not So Well) Kept Secrets
by Cordeiro
As it is a slow news day, I've decided to squeeze two posts into one. Never let it be said that I don't do my part to conserve.

One of Washington's best kept secrets was finally unsealed yesterday. The infamous "Deep Throat" of Watergate fame has been revealed to be W. Mark Felt, the #2 man at the FBI. The Washington Post's Dynamic Duo of Woodward and Bernstein have confirmed this to be so.


Here's my take on it. I was three years old when Watergate broke. I've seen and read much of what is available on the issues. I'm not going to rehash Watergate here. The MSM, however, is doing its best to portray Mr. Felt as a hero.


Well, here's my take. Its been 35+ years since Watergate. In the course of those three and half decades, the US has had three Republican presidents. The MSM has hated each one - to a point that it actively seeks to Nixonize them and force them from office. The MSM collectively prays to what ever God it is they worship that someone deep inside any Administration (especially W's) will turn to the dark side and become the next "Deep Throat".

So far, no takers.

On to the next issue.

Freedom of the Press is enshrined in our Constitution to promote the free flow of ideas and issues. The people, and specifically the media, have the right to say (with very few government imposed restrictions) whatever they want on any subject.

That said, the question is very seldom asked if what one can say (legally at least) one should say.

Case and Point: The New York Times printed an expose on how the CIA uses aircraft covertly around the world in support of various missions.

Some may read this and think no real harm has been done. You may think the NYT has the right to print this information, and you'd be correct in your assumption. The question I pose to you is this: Should the NYT have run this story?

The CIA has a very difficult mission that is often conducted in areas of the world that are not exactly high on the list of hot vacation spots. The officers tasked with these duties rely on stealth and covertness. They are the people whose jobs we don't discuss at parties, but deep down inside we want them to succeed - we need them to succeed.

In the course of my professional life I have had the privledge of knowing people involved in various aspects of the Intelligence Community. All I will say about these people is this (I don't give details because you simply don't need to know any more than what I've already told you):

These people, to a man and woman, are consummate professionals. They do a thankless job in a very tough environment. Their successes are, more often than not, never known to anyone outside the IC. Their failures, when made public, are trumpeted from the rooftops. They put themselves in harm's way, most times relying on their cover to shield them from the prying eyes of the adversary.

Needless to say, it doesn't help much when the prying eyes of the NYT work as a proxy for that adversary. I fail to see how knowing the details of CIA flight operations does anything more than make the enemy's job easier. Yes, the NYT has a right to print it. The question is, did anyone in the editor's office even think to ask if it should have been printed?

Again, the chorus of crickets.

Here endeth the lesson.
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The only god the "MSM" media dinosaurs worship is power and Socialism is their religion.
Their false face of objectivity has slipped away and they don't realize that it is too late to put it back.
Keep rooting for the terrorists, guys! We won't miss you! Maybe you could move to Canada....
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