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Thursday, July 28, 2005
Another Reason I Like John Roberts
by Cordeiro
If John Roberts' past margin comments are anything of a crystal ball as to how he'll write SCOTUS opinions, the next 30 some years should be filled with some true comic relief.

From the July 28th pages of the Old Gray Lady (AKA the New York Times:

There was also the time he offered a snide analysis, in an internal White House memorandum, of a proposal from a member of the House, Elliott H. Levitas. After the Supreme Court struck down efforts by Congress to veto actions taken by the executive branch, Mr. Levitas, a Democrat from Georgia, proposed that the White House and Congress convene a "conference on power-sharing" to codify the duties of each branch of government.

Asked to comment on the congressman's proposal, Mr. Roberts mocked the idea, and him. "There already has, of course, been a 'Conference on Power Sharing,' " Mr. Roberts wrote in a memo to Mr. Fielding. "It took place in Philadelphia's Constitution Hall in 1787, and someone should tell Levitas about it and the 'report' it issued."
Memo to NYT writers John Broder and Carolyn Marshall - Judge Roberts' analysis of Levitas' proposal was not snide, it was a blunt statement of facts obvious to anyone who has ever sat through a High School civics class. Perhaps you missed that class. You might want to find a school and audit the class before you write your column and look like mindless zombies.

Hat Tip to the Powerline Boys.
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